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How Augmented Reality in Architecture Is Transforming Real Estate

augmented reality in architecture

More than any sub-specialty in real estate, architecture is all about aesthetics and presentation. How a structure looks, how the space flows, and how functional it is are of primary importance. Hence, any technology that enhances how stakeholders view and appreciate the structure is of immense value. Today’s most popular visualization tools are virtual reality […]

Exploring Mediterranean Architecture: A Modern Take on a Classic Style

mediterranean style architecture

If you look at Mediterranean homes, it’s easy to see why they’ve become popular among homeowners around the world.  It’s incredibly simple, with a back-to-nature vibe that leans on natural materials and unassuming touches to create an inviting and relaxed feel. Few architectural styles have stood the test of time the way Mediterranean-style architecture has.  […]

How To Sell Property Online: Best Tips

how to sell property online

Ninety-seven percent of buyers used the internet to search for homes while 51% purchased homes they found online. After all, it’s a quick and easy way to pare down the number of properties that interest you and compare prices without having to move an inch from your current location. So, if you’re looking to grab […]