3D Modeling

3D Modeling Services for Architecture and Real Estate

At Plus Render, we depict your idea in an accurate and comprehensive 3D model using cutting-edge technology

Digital 3D Modeling

  • We help you build a detailed 3D model from your 2D plans with ease and precision
  •  Plus Render sets the foundation for us to give shape to your plans

Advanced 3D Modeling

  • Providing an all-in-one 3D modeling service with simplified and fully detailed models at all times
  • Utilizing advanced industry 3D modeling techniques

Expert 3D Modeling

  • Excellent for photorealistic models that are more sophisticated
  • Our architects are Autodesk Revit Certified
  • From 2D (DWG plans) to a 3D BIM model that is realistic
  • Compile construction documents

Complex Geometry 3D Modeling

  • Powerful tool for organic architecture or articulated facades
  • A high-precision modeling tool with a high level of sophistication
  • Optimization research to make better use of resources


  • With the help of our architects, you will evaluate and assess several design ideas
  • You will be involved in the whole design process thanks to our interactive system
  • Our renderings are tested in a realistic lighting environment
  • All our clients and partners are informed about the intended way forward
  • Our team Identifies unexpected events and addresses them

Physical Model Construction

  • We build physical models that are both new and ecological, with a high level of realism and detail
  • 3D Printer, Laser Cut, Sanding & Calibrating Machine. Our teams are equipped with cutting-edge technology
  • Wood models, recycled plastics, and ecological resins are examples of environmentally friendly materials

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If you’ve ever wondered how an architectural firm can make a 3D model, what the process of 3D modeling entails, and how to create 3D models around your ideals, then our 3D modeling services for architecture and real estate marketing will come in handy.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    3D modeling is the process of using specialist software to create a mathematical coordinate-based representation of any surface of an item in three dimensions from 2D plans. We give shape to your plans and simplify the process of making design revisions when we’re working with 2D designs (DWG plans).

    Please refer to our 3D Digital Modeling products (Advanced, Expert, and Complex) for more information.

    Visualizing the suggested designs and making adjustments with ease. This is a highly cost-effective solution. The Plus Render team will extract precise plans, elevations, sections, and axonometric drawings. We are also adept at creating image renders, 3D Virtual Tours, and Video Renderings.

    When working with 2D plans (DWG plans), Plus Render gives near-physical shape to your ideas and makes the process of creating a design update easier. All the parties involved in the project will visualize in 3 dimensions the proposal from different angles.

    If your project does not already have 2D plans (DWG plans), Plus Render can suggest layout distributions and then represent your 2D plans as a detailed 3D Model.

    Mastering 3D modeling, with all of its complexities and numerous pathways to follow, is extremely difficult. A high-quality 3D model takes an average of 1-2 weeks for professional 3D modelers. Plus render’s 3D modeling is based on cutting-edge technology, allowing us to envision your idea and create an accurate and detailed 3D model in a short time span.

    Depending on the level of detail and difficulty, we use Rhino, Revit (certified team), 3DS Max, and Grasshopper for organic or complex shapes. With Plus Render, there are endless possibilities.

    The price is determined based on the number of working hours spent on the 3D model and the model’s level of detail. Nevertheless, we want to be as transparent as possible with our clients. The prices are closed and stated on the web to avoid surprises. We want our clients to be in control. You can potentially qualify to receive discounts, so be sure to look on our Pricing page or Contact Us for a project estimate.