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From Blueprint to Reality: How Much Does It Cost To Build a Hotel?

how much does it cost to build a hotel

The travel and tourism market is predicted to have 135.5 million users from 2024 to 2028. If you capitalize on this growth, you could enjoy an impressive 6% to 12% return on your investment.  But how much does it cost to build a hotel? Plus Render gives you an overview of the costs involved so […]

Understanding the Magic of Resort Renderings

hotel rendering

The global hotels and resorts market size has expanded over the years, with industry revenues estimated to reach $1.6 trillion in 2024.  But before you can get a piece of the profits, you need to build a resort which is a significant undertaking. After all, it takes a sizable investment and nerves of steel to […]

AI Rendered Images: Can They Help You Outpace Your Rivals?

ai rendered images

Advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) have disrupted several industries. From content creation to photography and video editing to graphic design, it has made work faster, cheaper, and easier.  But what is AI’s place in real estate? Are there certain benefits you can derive from employing this innovative technology or is it just hype? Artificial intelligence […]

Creating the Perfect Room Rendering

room rendering

The global home improvement market size was valued at around $340.81 billion in 2022. This means there’s potentially a lot of business in home repairs and renovations. But how do you make your mark in such a saturated industry? By leveraging technology. Room rendering allows professionals to communicate their vision—from materials and textures to paint […]

Designing the Future: 3D Rendering in Interior Design

3d rendering interior design

As an interior designer, you want to keep up with the competition, remain updated on the latest industry innovations, and offer your clients the best services possible. One way to do all those things is by incorporating 3D renderings into your design process. Modern visualization techniques like 3D rendering have revolutionized how we design, build, […]

How To Leverage Panoramic Images in Real Estate Listings

panoramic image

What are the best features of your real estate listings?  If your answer is a great view or rooms with wide living spaces, then you can certainly employ panoramic images in your sales materials. Panoramic photographs offer an extra wide side-to-side view of places, allowing people to appreciate an uninterrupted image that is broader than […]

Futurism in Architecture and Other Trends Shaping the Industry

futurism in architecture

The concept of futurism in architecture goes beyond the range or limits of the traditional boundaries of building design; it intertwines with the latest technological advancements being leveraged in other industries.  Studies show how societal shifts and environmental factors also forecast a transformative vision in architecture. This exploration into the future of architecture delves into […]

What Stops a House From Selling: 6 Reasons and How To Solve Them

what stops a house from selling

Has your property been on the market for far too long?  While it generally takes weeks to sell a home, there are times when it’s more challenging to drum up interest and get buyers to make an offer. Since it may be due to reasons you aren’t aware of, it’s important to take a step […]

The Power of Walkthrough Videos in Real Estate Marketing

walkthrough videos

Video marketing is dominating the real estate industry and it’s easy to see why.  We remember 95% of the message when we see it on video compared to 10% of text. Because visuals are more engaging and immersive, it makes sense that real estate listings with video receive 403% more inquiries than those without, especially […]

Blueprints to Success: Strategic Marketing for Architects

marketing for architects

There are over 152,775 architects employed in the United States. With such intense competition, it’s more vital than ever to stand out and deliver outstanding work. How do you market yourself? Aside from distributing business cards and word of mouth, do you have other marketing channels? More importantly, are you taking advantage of digital technology […]