Architectural Design Services in San Diego.

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Why Choose Our Architectural Design Services in San Diego?

Plus Render is a high-end Architectural Visualization Studio based in Bilbao, Spain. We are a team of over 25 international specialists in architectural visualization working from our headquarters as well as satellite offices around the world. We integrate architectural and planning expertise with cutting-edge technology to produce high-precision, realistic 3D virtual tours and photographic renderings. Our specialization now extends to San Diego’s unique architectural styles and environments.

Trusted by Global Brands.

Elevating San Diego Properties with Advanced Architectural Visualization.

Traditional listing brochures often fall short in showcasing the real potential of an investment. We offer a compelling solution to help your project rise above the competition in London, accelerating sales and maximizing value.


Listing brochures have two main problems.

  1. Increasing competition using the same tool has saturated the market.
  2. Presents limited information. Investors or clients sometimes struggle to visualize the project and do not understand its potential.


Interactive Virtual Tours present properties on a whole new level.


Imagine a dynamic platform that brings it all to life. Plus Reality is

an immersive experience designed to be intuitive ,easy to use and

self-guided, requiring NO SALES PITCH. It streamlines decision making,

ensuring your client not only see but understands.

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Discover Our Latest Interactive Virtual Tours for San Diego.

Puerto Las Salinas

Industry: Engineering & Commercial

Plot Area: 258,012 sqm

Build Area: 165,120 sqm



Industry: Residential

Plot Area: 2,53 Hectares

Build Area: 192 Total Units

Illescas II

Industry: Industrial & Logistics

Plot Area: 128,012 sqm

Build Area: 81,385 sqm

Castellana 92

Industry: Office

Plot Area: 8 Office Spaces

Build Area: 3 Common Areas + Terrace

Our Interactive Workflow for San Diego's Architectural Designs.

We keep you updated on our progress and incorporate your feedback as we go along, without limiting the number of revisions. Instead of creating final images and then reviewing them, we’ll make decisions together at each stage to match your vision until we reach the final result.

This new approach results in quicker, higher-quality renders tailored to your preferences.

Innovations in Architectural Visualization Technology.

At Plus Render, we blend technical proficiency with a team of highly qualified professionals and a service-first approach, adding substantial value to every project in San Diego. We bring architectural concepts to vivid life through immersive visuals that captivate and motivate your clients, driving your success.

Within our team, we have specialists in Building Information Modeling (BIM) who are experts in developing building projects, creating facade concepts, drafting construction specifications, and crafting virtual reality experiences and animations.

What Clients Say About Our Work.

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Case Studies.

Virtual Tours have transformed the commercialization of industrial properties within Goldman Sachs' Newdock division.

Azora’s Industrial Success: “The Jewel in the Crown is the Virtual Tours. Our clients love it!”

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Next Steps for Your San Diego Architectural Design.


Send us your listing brochure and we can transform it into an Interactive Virtual Tour.


Provide us with the project location and any available drawings or blueprints.


If your project is on an early stage, we can work with you to find design solutions and produce plans that comply with local regulations.


Project Delivery Timeline: 6 weeks.

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What Types of Properties Can Benefit from Our Architectural Design Services in San Diego?

Our architectural design services are perfect for a wide range of properties in San Diego—from historic renovations to modern commercial complexes. Our virtual tours help potential clients visualize the potential of each space, whether it’s residential, commercial, or public venues.

How Customizable Are Our Architectural Visualizations?

Our services in San Diego offer highly customizable architectural visualizations. Each project can include interactive elements, multimedia enhancements, and detailed architectural insights, all tailored to your specific needs and aligned with your branding.

Are Our Architectural Visualization Services Suitable for San Diego's Unique Building Regulations?

Absolutely! Our architectural visualization services are fully adaptable to comply with San Diego’s specific building regulations and zoning laws. Whether you’re planning a residential, commercial, or mixed-use project, we ensure that all visualizations and virtual tours we create are not only aesthetically pleasing but also technically compliant with local standards. This careful attention to compliance helps streamline the approval process for your projects, making our services an invaluable tool for developers and architects in San Diego.

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