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Azora’s Industrial Success: “The Jewel in the Crown is the Virtual Tours. Our clients love it!”

Azora Group Spain, the country’s leading manager of purpose-built rental residential properties with an impressive portfolio of over 14,000 homes, initially encountered significant challenges when embarking on their diversification into the industrial sector.

However, through a strategic partnership with CBRE and the adoption of Plus Render’s 3D Virtual Tour for real estate technology to market their properties, Azora Group Spain is rapidly emerging as one of the largest industrial property managers in the country.

Before This Transformation.

  • Property listings with low-quality 3D renders that sometimes went unnoticed.
  • Ineffective marketing materials that failed to convey significant investment opportunities.
  • Struggles to compete with more experienced players in the industrial market, resulting in lower rankings.
  • Extended property sales timelines and lower pricing.


Since partnering with Plus Render, Azora has implemented six Virtual Tours for a selection of their properties, leading to remarkable improvements when compared to conventional marketing approaches:

  • Investors can now virtually explore and navigate through the project, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the property.
  • Key project benefits are effectively highlighted.
  • Properties sell 31% faster.
  • Prices have increased by 6%.

Check Out Our Latest Interactive Virtual Tours.

Trecate, Milan – Italy

Client :          Goldman Sachs

Plot Area :    114,478 sqm

Build Area :   49,649 sqm

Castelguelfo, Milan – Italy

Client :          Goldman Sachs

Plot Area :    240,906 sqm

Build Area :   143,598 sqm

Illescas II

Client :          Goldman Sachs

Plot Area :    128,012 sqm

Build Area :   81,385 sqm

Arroyomolinos – Madrid

Client :          Goldman Sachs

Plot Area :    64,017 sqm

Build Area :   38,763 sqm


Client :          Azora

Plot Area :   11,107 sqm

Build Area : 6,074 sqm


Client :         Azora

Plot Area :    64,017 sqm

Build Area :   38,763 sqm


Client :         Azora

Plot Area :   24,917 sqm

Build Area : 15,320 sqm

The Outcome.

CBRE, the global leader in commercial real estate services and investments, is actively collaborating with Azora to promote and commercialize several of its strategically located logistics warehouses in Spain.

Azora is a leading Spanish real estate investment and asset management firm with approximately €4 billion of equity capital committed since its foundation. The company specializes in different types of assets: residential, hotels, logistics, and offices, and is currently the largest manager of purpose-built rented residential in Spain, with more than 14,000 homes under management.

Azora wanted to break into the Industrial Real Estate Market. That’s when CBRE, their main commercialization partner, reached out to us for a 360º Interactive Virtual Tour.

To date, Plus Render has developed 35+ projects with CBRE and several of Azora’s latest projects. More are currently under development.


  • CBRE was struggling to sell some industrial properties with low-quality renders or even Google Maps screenshots of empty places in remote locations.
  • CBRE’s marketing material mainly consisted of PDFs with project information and 3D Renderings that visualized the project.
  • Some investors struggled to understand the spatial layout, physical design, and aesthetics of the property.
  • Most importantly, some investors did not understand the great opportunity it was, as the marketing material did not clearly highlight the project’s main benefits.
  • CBRE not only needed a solution to visualize the projects in a way that investors would visually understand but also needed a tool that presented the great opportunity it was.


  • Investors can now fly and walk through the project, gaining a completely different level of understanding.
  • Thanks to the Interactive Virtual Tours, Azora’s projects could stand out in industrial real estate and have a technological differentiation factor.
  • Effectively presenting all key property information to investors helps them better understand the opportunity.
  • Projects gain more visibility, sell faster, and at better prices, as they are well-received among investors.

The Process.

Many of these steps are done simultaneously and undergo an interactive feedback process with the client.

Client meeting to learn about the property, goals, and project delivery timelines.
After receiving project plans, we 3D model the plot.
We present the main 360º cameras.

We work with the client to select the best cameras and make any necessary arrangements.

Drones capture 360º images at the exact coordinates of each camera.

Virtual Tour development begins, including the creation of the client’s branding template and configuration.

We implement the 3D modeled project into the 360º pictures.

Photo implementation is verified with the client and adjusted if necessary.

Textures, materials, and realistic details are added.

An iterative feedback process with the client is followed to achieve the most realistic and precise result, making Virtual Tour adjustments.

High-resolution rendering and post-production.

Final Virtual Tour presentation is delivered along with 3D Renders

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