Case Study

Las Salinas

Virtual Tours have transformed the new project presentation in the luxury and maritime industry.

A world-famous port for its luxurious tourism had a greater ambition. Expand to accomodate larger yachts and ferries, making their mark on the global stage of tourism.

Before This Transformation.

  • The local architectural studio provided 3D renderings to present to local authorities and investors but did not receive the enthusiasm they were hoping for.  
  • Their property presentation was not effectively communicating the project’s potential. 
  • The 3D renders and plans were unclear and did not adequately explain the project’s dimensions.


  • They reached out to us to turn this new project into reality. And we did it with an Interactive Virtual Tour; they could showcase their new port’s facilities attractively, capturing the attention of a broader international audience, both investors and tourists alike.
  • The result? Project has secured funding, but most importantly, the Tour was a powerfull tool for local authorities to understand the project’s impact and approve it. It will soon begin its development. 

Check Out Our Latest Interactive Virtual Tours.

Trecate, Milan – Italy

Client :          Goldman Sachs

Plot Area :    114,478 sqm

Build Area :   49,649 sqm

Castelguelfo, Milan – Italy

Client :          Goldman Sachs

Plot Area :    240,906 sqm

Build Area :   143,598 sqm

The Process.

Many of these steps are done simultaneously and undergo an interactive feedback process with the client.

Client meeting to learn about the property, goals, and project delivery timelines.
After receiving project plans, we 3D model the plot.
We present the main 360º cameras.

We work with the client to select the best cameras and make any necessary arrangements.

Drones capture 360º images at the exact coordinates of each camera.

Virtual Tour development begins, including the creation of the client’s branding template and configuration.

We implement the 3D modeled project into the 360º pictures.

Photo implementation is verified with the client and adjusted if necessary.

Textures, materials, and realistic details are added.

An iterative feedback process with the client is followed to achieve the most realistic and precise result, making Virtual Tour adjustments.

High-resolution rendering and post-production.

Final Virtual Tour presentation is delivered along with 3D Renders

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