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gigmit (DE), PlusRender (ES) and Kontentwerk (DE) unite to build European metaverse for Film and Music – CWXP

CWXP, a groundbreaking initiative led by gigmit (DE) in collaboration with Plus Render (ES) and Kontentwerk (DE), is proud to announce the launch of Europe’s first open cultural space for film and music in the metaverse. With a mission to reshape the cultural landscape, CWXP will explore new business prospects for creatives in the metaverse and redefine the creative industry. 

Creative Web3 Experience Europe (CWXP) is a new framework for the audiovisual, cultural and creative sectors to test innovative digital solutions and business models, such as music and film festivals in the metaverse, monetisation through NFTs, and co-creation through blockchains.

It aims to help Europe’s creators exploit the opportunities of Web3 technology to enhance their careers, generate revenue, and stay at the forefront of the fast-emerging digital creative marketplaces.

CWXP will act as a front door for Europe’s creatives to access Web3, providing the infrastructure and education to take advantage of these fast-emerging technologies without prior knowledge, expertise or access. It will give Europe’s creatives a digital stage and train them to be fit for the future. The project is run by an ideal consortium of three partners with experience in music event management, audiovisual distribution, metaverse design, blockchain management and audience growth.

“The discussions and initiatives around metaverses in the creative sector have been almost overwhelming, but we couldn’t identify the role models and best practices for small and medium-sized artists and festivals yet. I am so excited about the launch of CWXP where we will shed light on the best practices and provide the ecosystem creators wanted.” says Marcus Fitzgerald, project leader and CEO of gigmit.

The project will provide a platform for artists, event organisers, and art enthusiasts to connect, collaborate, and engage in immersive digital experiences.

Targeting music creators, artists, filmmakers, and visual artists, CWXP will offer immersive digital experiences, interactive showcases, and collaboration opportunities to empower their creativity and facilitate connections. It will also cater to music lovers, festival-goers, art enthusiasts, and individuals interested in NFTs, new technologies, and the metaverse, curating diverse digital events and experiences.

“Get ready to immerse yourself in the ultimate party of the century with CWXP Metaverse! We’re revolutionizing the metaverse by integrating cutting-edge video game technology, delivering an unparalleled and one-of-a-kind experience. Prepare to witness content creators breaking barriers and connecting with their audience like never before!”

– Gabriel Esteban, Operations Manager

A key focus of the project is to host a variety of daily events encompassing music, film, audiovisual, art, fundraisers, cross-media, and more. Furthermore, the project aims to showcase about 100 NFTs within the CWXP metaverse, offering a unique platform for digital art and collectibles. Another crucial aspect is the encouragement of participation from 300 individual or group creators, fostering a collaborative and diverse environment. Lastly, attracting an audience of approximately 10,000 attendees to the metaverse events is a significant goal, ensuring a vibrant and engaging experience for a wide range of participants.

The project will empower creators and promoters in the cultural and creative sector, providing them with new audiences, long-lasting revenues, and opportunities for co-creation in the metaverse. The Web3 sector will experience growth and diversity, as the project introduces a plethora of new artists, creators, and content to the ecosystem. Audiences within and outside Europe will benefit from groundbreaking experiences, diverse content, and the chance to support and participate in the emergence of European Web3 culture.

Event organisers, promoters, and galleries will benefit from CWXP by forging strategic partnerships, providing guidance, and offering immersive showcases for global exposure. 

“We are extremely excited to explore the possibilities of WEB3 and Metaverse spaces from the point of view of the film industry. Since storytelling is the essence of our business, we believe that metaverse worlds and audiovisual arts can grow together, shape and inspire each other. The potential to create new and exciting experiences is endless.”

– Salvatore Bruno, Kontentwerk

Creators can apply to participate on gigmit in the first launch and beta test events under this link: 


About CWXP

CWXP is Europe’s first open cultural space in the metaverse, connecting artists, event organisers, and art enthusiasts through immersive digital experiences. With integrity, innovation, diversity, and collaboration as its values, CWXP reshapes the cultural landscape in the digital realm.

About Plus Render

A high-end architecture, design, and 3D rendering studio with 45+ designers and architects. After years of experience in the physical world, Plus Render has opened a pioneering metaverse design studio, +XR, which designs and builds 3D spaces and metaverses in the digital world of Web3. 

About gigmit

Live events inspire us. We exist to simplify the world of live music. The live music business as it stands is complex and inherently has too many barriers to entry. That is why we want to make touring, booking and promoting a frictionless experience. We want to clean up: Live music business should be fast, easy, data-driven and accessible to everyone.

gigmit is a platform that empowers the currently 230,000 promoters and artists to craft the best career imaginable. We are the most accessible online platform that empowers you to make informed booking decisions based on local fan and streaming data: Sold out shows, done simple.

gigmit helps you to connect with the right people to create and play successful live music events all around the world. 

About Kontentwerk

A startup focused on innovating the distribution of audiovisual content. The company licences rights for films, series and other programs for TV and streaming markets, and consults with producers, rights owners and distributors. Its experts have years of experience and reach across the film industry. 


For more information about the project, visit the following link:


Gabriel Esteban, CEO Plus Render

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