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Creative Web3 Experience Europe (CWXP) is a new framework for the audiovisual, cultural and creative sectors to test innovative digital solutions and business models, such as music and film festivals in the metaverse, monetisation through NFTs, and co-creation through blockchains.

It aims to help Europe’s creators exploit the opportunities of Web3 technology to enhance their careers, generate revenue, and stay at the forefront of the fast-emerging digital creative marketplaces. It has three core activities:

#1 Metaverse Cultural Space
CWXP will develop Europe’s first open cultural space in a metaverse where artists can host digital events, such as live music, audiovisual exhibitions and film screenings, all with a high level of audience interaction. The unique 3D virtual location aims to host up to one event each day during the 10-month test phase.

#2 NFT Creation and Exchange
CWXP will enable creators to create and monetize unique audiovisual works, using the metaverse cultural space to exhibit and sell their NFTs. Artists can offer exclusive music, film or experimental content, alongside their performances.

#3 Blockchain for Creatives
CWXP will assist creators to set up blockchain-based transactions to earn and track revenue in the metaverse. They can sell tickets and digital content, split the revenue across multiple contributors and rights-holders, and track ongoing use and revenue.

CWXP will act as a front door for Europe’s creatives to access Web3, providing the infrastructure and education to take advantage of these fast-emerging technologies without prior knowledge, expertise or access. It will give Europe’s creatives a digital stage and train them to be fit for the future.

The project is run by an ideal consortium of three partners with experience in music event management, audiovisual distribution, metaverse design, blockchain management and audience growth.

CWXP will establish a platform to enable European creators to exploit the potential of Web3 technologies. It provides the infrastructure and education to make the leap into digital performance in a metaverse, monetize content through NFTs, and manage revenue through blockchains, all without prior technical expertise. CWXP will establish Europe’s first open metaverse-based cultural space, train and equip creators with tools, and develop a pan-European audience for their digital content..

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