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Dynamic and Compelling 3D House Plans With Virtual Tours

Technology has been sweeping across industries, including real estate and how it does business. House developers, buyers, contractors, brokers, and agents are finding it more convenient and easier than ever to visualize real estate developments at all stages.

One aspect that has been irrevocably changed is how listings and layouts are shown to clients. They’re no longer flat drawings that require the viewer to imagine what the space is like. Because of 3D house plans virtual reality, and virtual tours, stakeholders can examine properties from countless angles and the experience is impressively immersive.

If you’ve been thinking of using 3D house plans, virtual reality, and virtual tours that get your clients excited, it’s well worth your time to learn a few basics about these new and innovative tools of the trade.

Real Estate: The Value of Previews

Agents and home buyers are finding VR technology helpful in previewing properties. Most agents and developers in the past used model homes that they could show to interested home buyers. These models were often used to help buyers appreciate the dimensions of the house they plan to build and buy.

When reselling properties, agents and home buyers must visit properties for a proper preview. It can cost them time and money. For some, it may not even be worth the trip, especially if the viewing doesn’t lead to a sale.

In recent years, many agents have used technology to give their clients tours of listed properties. Video technology through mobile phone devices and Go Pro helped agents give house tours. 

However, these technologies still had their limitations. For example, using camera phones for a video tour often resulted in poor-quality videos and low resolution. Though some mobile cameras offer adequate resolutions, the quality often suffered when it came to videos.

The latest 3D VR technology is making it easier for agents to give buyers an experience that’s close enough to a real visit. It allows the viewer to feel like they’re in the space, allowing them to appreciate its space, size, layout, and other aspects without being physically present. 

Conventional Floor Plans vs. Virtual Reality Floor Plans

So, what makes a VR floor plan better than a conventional one? Let’s compare.

A conventional floor plan is usually presented in 2D as part of the house’s blueprints. It usually includes the dimensions of each room and the location of the doors and windows. 

However, it can be limiting as most people find it hard to translate 2D information into a realistic experience of the place. 

But a 3D floor plan is much easier to visualize and understand. It does not use symbols for windows and doors. It clearly shows the location of these elements as well as wardrobes, cupboards, and garage areas by making them appear as they would in real life.

Meanwhile, 3D floor plans allow the buyers to experience the property and how they can use the space realistically. 

Advantages of Using a VR Real Estate Tour

There are many advantages to using VR as part of your real estate tours. These advantages could impact your expenses, website traffic and activity, and even the expansion of your target market. 

Here are some of the advantages of using VR technology: 

Reduce Expenses

Using a 3D virtual tour is an investment that may seem expensive, but it’s an investment that can lessen your expenses in the future. You can stage all properties for sale using the technology, allowing a 360-view of the house and highly detailed 2D photographs to give buyers a total experience.

You can lower expenses from personally meeting potential buyers and instead provide them with an in-depth 3D experience where they can move through the house without needing to be there. 

Increases Website Ranking and Traffic

One good thing about using 3D VR technology is you can use your content on your website. Most people looking for a home are now using the internet to find the ideal house, and most websites only give them a picture and a price range. 

However, if you add additional content that helps potential buyers view the property, you can have more visitors on your website looking at possible properties that interest them. 

They will also stay longer on your site because they have so much more to interact with. In fact, many property buyers now want 3D house plans with virtual tours as part of their customer experience.

Reach More Clients

Using VR technology allows you to find more viable leads. They often have a higher chance of conversion when you provide a VR tour of your properties for sale. 

These visitors may also share your website with others when they seek someone else’s opinion about a property. Hence, it can increase organic traffic and your site’s ranking.

Can Be Used for Social Media Marketing

One good thing about digital content these days is you can share it on various social media marketing channels. You can edit your 3D virtual tours to showcase certain areas of the property and then upload them to Instagram, TikTok, or even Facebook Reels to gather more views, likes, and interest. 

Social media allows real estate companies to increase site visitors and generate leads that are more likely to convert. 

Improves Customer Service and Customer Experience

Most real estate agents and brokers do their best to provide the best customer service and experience to close a deal. At the same time, they also have to meet potential buyers in real life. 

However, in the past two years, technology has allowed them to present properties without having to meet clients, buyers, or sellers. VR tours, in particular, have helped them give house buyers an in-depth tour of a property and answer all their questions online. 

Additionally, the digital media they provide can be revisited by interested parties online. They can then respond to them via email, phone, or through chat when they have questions. 

Using this technology allows brokers and agents to improve the customer journey of their clients.

Pros and Cons of VR Tours

With these advantages, are there limitations to what VR tours can do? Though the technology is promising, there are still aspects that require improvement when it comes to VR technology in real estate. 


It Can Be an Expensive Investment

VR tours can be expensive, especially since it requires special equipment and the skill of digital professionals which can come at a high cost. So using it initially may require a real estate company to set up a budget for VR tours, or choose specific properties that would benefit from them. 

It’s Not Ideal for Small Projects

Usually, VR tours are best used for large-scale projects. It gives the user a better idea of the complexity and size of a property as well as its location. 

But it might not suit small residential projects because they are not a commercially viable service. So, if you have several of these small projects, you have to consider whether using VR can improve the promotion or sale of the property and if it’s a cost-effective solution for you. 


Provides In-depth Information

Real estate companies using VR tours provide high-value information to their clients. They can experience the property and its dimensions without having to visit it and they can visualize it too. 

No Need to Build Model Homes or Mock-ups

Another way it can save expenses is there is no need to build a model home or a physical mock-up of the property. Interested buyers can experience it using VR technology, and they can revisit it as many times as they want without additional cost before reaching a decision.

3D VR Tours are Editable Content

Another good thing about VR tours is you can edit the content anytime there is a change in plans or construction. You don’t have to explain to potential buyers about a change in the layout or house plans as they can experience it for themselves.

Make Your Next House Tour a 360-degree VR Tour

The technology for giving potential buyers an in-depth and informative experience is available. Using 3D VR tours can make your house tours immersive, compelling, and interesting for buyers, making it easier for them to find the property of their dreams and easier for you to make a deal.

With a group of experts like those at Plus Render, you’ll be able to boost your business marketing. You’ll see how virtual reality will change the way customers see your business. Contact us today!

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