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How To Leverage Panoramic Images in Real Estate Listings

What are the best features of your real estate listings? 

If your answer is a great view or rooms with wide living spaces, then you can certainly employ panoramic images in your sales materials. Panoramic photographs offer an extra wide side-to-side view of places, allowing people to appreciate an uninterrupted image that is broader than usual.

Paired with photorealistic renderings, panoramic images can make your pitch more compelling and successful. Get a deeper understanding of what they are and how they can help you in this article by Plus Render.

What Are Panoramic Images?

According to the dictionary, a panorama is “an unobstructed or complete view of an area in every direction.” Hence, a panoramic image has a wider format. Typically, the width is twice as wide compared to its height. Depending on your needs, it can even be broader.

To create a panoramic image, a series of overlapping images are stitched together. Certain cameras also enable users to capture an extended version of an image.

As you can imagine, this is extremely helpful in communicating the features of a property. It is often used to portray how large the space is or how beautiful the views from it are.

Different Types of Panoramic Images  

There are many types of panoramic photos, but these are the most popular:

Partial Panoramas 

Partial panoramas are wide-angle views that cover less than 360 degrees. The top of the photo (or the latitude) is less than 180 degrees. It is the most basic form of this image format. Partial panoramic images are made by joining multiple pictures together. 

360-Degree Panoramas 

A 360-degree panorama is a step up from partial panoramas. Photographers keep taking pictures until they capture 360-degree images of the space, allowing the viewer to appreciate different angles from a single point of reference. They cover the entire horizontal field of view while showcasing a listing’s winning features and unique elements.

Spherical Panoramas 

Spherical panoramas are the most immersive and interactive form of wide-angle photography. They cover all angles of the scene, even allowing the viewer to check out the top and bottom.

This interactive 3D format delivers a look into the features of the space and its surrounding landscape, covering even the zenith (highest) and nadir (lowest) points for a 360-degree view. The thoroughness of the image helps buyers know what to expect while creating a sense of familiarity. 

When To Use Panoramic Images in Real Estate

Panoramic images can enhance your sales and marketing efforts in several ways:

Highlight Beautiful Views

As a real estate professional, you understand how valuable beautiful views can be. Whether it’s sweeping views of the ocean, mountain ranges, or cityscapes, views from a property can significantly affect its price tag. 

A video clip that pans across the horizon won’t cut it. Neither will a regular still shot. The panoramic view is unique because it captures everything at once, allowing the viewer to gaze at the image as if they were there looking at it with their own eyes. The much broader angle lets them fully appreciate what you’re offering, including the different depths and details.

Showcase Spacious Living Spaces

Panoramic images capture large areas so naturally, they’re perfect for highlighting generous living spaces. Quoting the square feet can only get you so far. To communicate the breadth of the space available, use a panoramic shot. 

Show your audiences how big the living room is, how the manicured lawn has room for different trees and flowering plants, or perhaps how the bedroom has a reading nook, a dressing area, and spacious closets.

Panoramic images are ideal for premium listings that offer more square footage than your typical residential developments.

Offer a Bird’s Eye View of the Entire House or Building

Sure, you can use a regular photograph to show your listings’ exteriors. But if you want to capture its immediate surroundings, use a panoramic image. This can add valuable context to your marketing. For example, if you’re selling a house for families, your panoramic image can show kids playing in the neighborhood, people walking their dogs, etc.

Panoramic shots are also key when you want to show large residential areas like condominium buildings and townhouses. You can demonstrate how the structure looks against the horizon, how it blends in with the environment, and how it looks during different seasons.

Can You DIY Panoramic Images?

Traditionally, panoramic images were taken by stitching different photos together. Meanwhile, aerial panoramic images relied on panoramic cameras. But with the capabilities of digital cameras and smartphone cameras these days, panoramic images are a lot easier to produce. Even if you don’t own an advanced digital camera, you can easily make one with your phone.

All you have to do is enable your phone camera’s panorama setting. Once you’re ready to take your picture, tap the button you use for taking regular pictures and start panning your camera so it captures an extended horizontal image. The camera does the work for you so you don’t need to edit them in Photoshop or other photo editing software.

However, if you’ll be using panoramic images for your real estate business, it’s best to hire professionals to capture your photos for you. You’ll be using them to sell listings so it’s important to ensure that they’re flawlessly made. 

For an extra-special touch that sets you apart, you can even turn your panoramic images into immersive renderings.

Renderings: Turn Your Panoramic Images Into an Experience

Panoramic images capture one scene but what about the rest of the property? 

To enable potential buyers to experience your listing’s entire layout from a first-person perspective, you need renderings from Plus Render. Whether you need interior or exterior rendering, our architectural visualization 3D rendering services can create hyperrealistic virtual spaces that buyers can view and even navigate themselves.

Our specialized team will recreate your listing as a digital environment that buyers can explore from anywhere and at any time.  Renders offer an unparalleled experience that allows your customers to appreciate the textures, finishing, interiors, angles, lighting, layout, and several other aspects that are important when buying property.

You can reuse them at will—post them on your website, share them on your social media accounts, and email them to prospective buyers.

Since not all real estate professionals have them, it can make your offerings more unique and compelling—creating a customer experience that truly stands out.

Think of it this way: panoramic images can be used to gain your market’s attention but renderings can nudge them further along your sales funnel. It helps you seal the deal without extensive physical visits and numerous client meetings.

Create Memorable and Profitable Customer Experiences With Plus Render

For different types of image and video renders, partner with Plus Render. With one of our dedicated project managers by your side, you can share quality renders of your listings that are realistic, immersive, and captivating.

We can help you create panoramic images and turn them into virtual tours for an unforgettable sales pitch that’s hard to turn down.

Get started today by booking a call or emailing us at You may just discover that our renders are the best tool you never knew you needed.

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