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Importance of Lighting in Architectural Rendering

Architectural renderings have created a new scope for creativity and visualization in the world of construction. Renderings are based on our innovation, but it must be taken into consideration that their purpose at the end of the day is real-world utility.  

Lighting plays a massive role in framing up a high-quality 3D Render because it showcases the full potential of a building under different degrees of brightness and illumination. In addition, it provides the viewer with an insight into what they might be getting into daily.  

Lighting in Architectural Rendering

Here are some reasons that signify the importance of lighting in architectural rendering.  

  • Better Planning  

Whatever the nature of your architectural project, a render with precise lighting estimations can help you come up with ideas and rectifications that yield a better end product. Good lighting ultimately sets a space apart whether you choose to get an interior render or an exterior render.  

In interior settings, buyers often consider natural lighting to be a deciding factor. Whereas, in exterior environments, the direction a building faces decides how light will bounce off its edges at different times of the day. Architects can systematically make these decisions with the help of accurately lit rendering early on in the construction process.

  • Photorealism  

Most commercial projects begin sales and marketing procedures before the completion of construction. In this case, it’s essential to get a render that captures the vision of the final result and makes it look as realistic as possible. In addition, correctly placing the lights and shadows can help you provide the viewer with photorealistic render results.    

  •  Reliability and Sales  

A lot of creators often overdo the lighting to the point that the render seems intergalactic and untrustworthy. The reasoning behind this can be understood as people try to bring the best out of a real estate project through its renders, but this only propagates a feeling of fiction amongst buyers.   

lighting conditions

You need a company that can provide you renders with exact and accurate lighting and shadows that best depict the marvel of your construction. This will directly convert into sales as customer satisfaction and faith will increase.    

Hence, you not only need a 3D Render for your project, but you also need it to be lit in a realistic and flattering manner. Plus render can help you with all your architectural visualization needs. We create 3D Renders that display your project in various lighting conditions and add shadows accordingly. We listen to your requirements and devise strategies to stand up to them.

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