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3D Architectural Animation Services For Architecture And Real Estate

We don’t create typical real estate animations. The Plus Render team produces world-class content to win customers. The best part is that you can even be the director, ensuring that the production team stays on track.

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  • We listen to your story and clarify the message that you want to present
  • Plus Render will then undertake team brainstorming sessions to sketch your idea out scene by scene from various perspectives
  • We’ll regularly share our insights with you so that you’re always clued up on the project status and can change your mind whenever you have new information

Video Rendering

  • We create attractive and engaging videos using the latest rendering techniques
  • Interior and exterior shots of the highly detailed project
  • Video flythrough of the area either with a drone or with Google Earth Studio
  • Video implement the 3D model in the video footage
  • Highlight the main areas of interest of the surroundings (transportation networks, commercial areas, parks, etc.)

Video Production

  • Following the storyboard, we will put together all the rendered shots
  • Incorporate transitions between sequences, subtitles, and corporate logo
  • Include audio/music
  • Post-production: enhance light effects, adding depth to the video, and adjusting color balance to create the desired ambiance


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is 3D Video Rendering?

Video Rendering is a type of short film that is also known as architectural walkthroughs. We use the most up-to-date rendering techniques to generate visually appealing and entertaining videos. Our projects showcase shots of the interior and exterior while being sympathetic to the intricacies of the project. This can include a flythrough video of the region using a drone or Google Earth Studio while also incorporating a 3D model into the movie clip. Finally, we can highlight the key points of interest in the region (transportation networks, commercial areas, parks, …)

What Are The Types Of 3D Video Rendering?

There are various types of 3D architectural animation, namely, commercial videos targeting end-users (the buyer of a house), videos that specifically target investors (great potential), and videos produced for architectural purposes; these particular videos are far more technical as they can be entered into architectural contests (they’re extremely sophisticated).

What Can Architects And Developers Use 3D Video Rendering For?

Developers and architects are under pressure to not only keep up with but surpass the competition. Plus Render’s technological know-how could be an ace up your sleeve, as long as you need 3D Architectural Animations. Your competitors are already utilizing 3D virtual tours. Take it a notch up by allowing us to produce an entire feature film for you!

For information about volume discounts and any other perks, you could be entitled to, be sure to look on our Pricing page or Contact Us for a project estimate.

What Benefits Does 3D Video Rendering Have?

Your client will interpret your design as more real if you create a 3D animation of it. You can realistically show sections of your project by using animation. This will assist you in conveying both the nature of your design and the benefits it provides.

3D architectural animation aids in reducing production costs, and when compared to 2D imagery, 3D architectural animation provides better quality and more gameplay.

How To Make 3D Video Rendering?

The Plus Render team will put together all the generated shots based on the storyboard, as well as include transitions between segments, captions, and your business’ logo while taking care to include audio/music to increase the hyperrealistic “post-production” effect that clients seek when they commission a 3D Architectural Animation.

What Does Your 3D Video Rendering Project Workflow Look Like?

The Plus Render team will stitch all of the CGI shots together based on the storyboard, including transitions between segments, captions, and audio/music to increase the hyperrealistic “post-production” effect that clients seek when commissioning a 3D Architectural Animation.

What Software Do You Use For 3D Video Rendering?

Our team is adept at using Unreal Engine, one of the most powerful video game development software on the market. Plus Render also utilizes Twinmotion or Enscape as this software allows our team to move freely through the 3D models generated and produce videos as if we are visualizing the space. Finally, we use Vray + Corona for more technical videos.

How Much Does 3D Video Rendering Cost?

The price is determined based on the number of working hours spent on the project and the complexity of the scenes. Nevertheless, we want to be as transparent as possible with our clients. The prices are closed and stated on the web to avoid surprises. We want our clients to be in control. You can potentially qualify to receive discounts, so be sure to look on our Pricing page or Contact Us for a project estimate.

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