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The Magic of Villa Rendering

Architects have their language. When it comes to design, they can easily communicate the purpose of every structure, brick, and panel to a fellow architect. Unfortunately, communicating a design to a client is not as easy. Chances of miscommunication and an eventual misunderstanding are high. Conventional schematic 2D floor plans often fall short of visually communicating the full picture to the client. But, realistic villa rendering can step up to the occasion. 

If the project, for instance, is as personal as a villa, the pressure for the architects doubles. Villas are often intended explicitly for relaxation and having a great time. Usually, such vacation homes are intended to carry a mark of the client’s taste and even character. Clients may have some challenges communicating what they expect, and architectures are left in a lurch, trying to fill in the concept gaps.

This is where villa rendering becomes the solution for any disconnect between the architectural team and their client. 

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What Is Rendering in Real Estate?

Architecture rendering is also referred to as architectural visualization, and architectural illustration is the art of producing three-dimensional pictures and animations to showcase and highlight a proposed architectural structure.

With the help of rendering software, detailed images are generated for structural presentations, marketing strategies, and design analytics. 

There is no set technique when it comes to rendering buildings, houses, and villas. Some may opt for simple flat images with basic shadows, while others go full scale where the lighting and even the materials used on the structure are rendered.

3D architectural rendering has paved the way for architects to be more versatile and flexible with putting their concepts into workable scale models. It has also changed the marketing and sales trends in real estate, with more clients wanting to have a real-life model of the structure before committing.

3D Render is personalization

What Is the Purpose of Rendering?

The primary purpose of rendering is to support the architects in enhancing their concept presentation. 

Excellent architectural villa renders can help everyone in the project visualize how the villa will look like. The floor placements, doors, windows, and all other architectural designs are included in the overall Render. 

While most floor plans are usually designed in a two-dimensional layout, an architectural illustration presents everything 3D. This allows the entire team, including the clients, to see every detail on a more lifelike scale.

When a project like a villa in the city’s outskirts is the target, any design-related decisions can be made possible even before the first foundation stone is laid on the site.  

Another purpose of rendering is to create a visual model to see your villa’s design from a different perspective. This is extremely important because, from another angle, you can identify potential issues and existing flaws in the design. You can make the necessary modifications as early as possible and resolve conflicts in real-time.

Additionally, below are the feats that architectural rendering can also provide you when you are working on a villa:

Highlights the exquisite exterior design of the villa

A modern villa render will entice your client to get started with the project. Imagine being the client and seeing your future estate from a distance. The exterior design of the structure will set the tone and build the anticipation to get things started.

The exterior Render of a villa can mold your client’s feeling towards the building even before the first gravel and stone are laid out. This is where the rendering becomes pivotal as it gives the client a realistic overview of every corner from all possible angles.

Additionally, rendering can allow the architect to highlight the villa in various settings. During the presentation, the architect can set the time of the day, the season, and the weather. 

Provides a clear demonstration of how a structure looks from the inside

You have your client’s buy-in that they agree with how the villa looks from the outside. But will they still be satisfied when you show them their future weekend home from the inside?

Since villas are typically the place to unwind and reset, the interiors should be beautiful and exude comfort.

With a modern villa render, you can give your client a feel of how the place looks with furniture and the views from the windows. You can provide them with a photorealistic villa render so your clients can have that attachment to the structure even before the building starts.  

Villa Rendering Emphasizes on Materials

A villa near the sea or in the countryside is not a cheap effort. The materials alone come at a steep price.

Conventional villas can be made of bricks, stones, and wood, while modern ones boast glass walls with concrete ceilings and floors.

You can showcase all these different textures with a 3DS Max exterior villa modeling and rendering. This way, the client can make decisions confidently if they agree with your concept and design or if some changes need to be applied.

How is 3D Rendering Done?

3D rendering can be done professionally by enlisting companies that offer their rendering services. Plus render is one such great platform for getting villa renders that are extremely affordable and realistic. 

  1. If you don’t have a 2D plan, Plus render will begin by providing a detailed villa design, complete with layout details. 
  2. The following step is to create an intricate 3D model from the 2D villa plan. Once approved by you, Plus Render will start making modifications to this 3D Render.
  3. You’ll get to see how the villa/property looks from multiple camera angles. 
  4. In the next step, Plus Render will apply layers of detailing to the Render, including the color of the walls, texture of the interior decor, materials used, etc. 
  5. Once these renders get your go-ahead, a high-resolution, high-quality render will be produced. 
  6. Additional touches of perfection are then added to this Render using Photoshop. 

Producing a 3D villa render on Plus Render is detailed and does not leave anything to the imagination. You get to experience an interactive process of being involved in every step of the process. 

villa rendering

Can You Render Straight onto Brick?

Yes, you can. However, there are considerations you need to factor in before rendering your villa’s walls.

The job itself is more complex, and professionals are usually summoned for this kind of work. That said, rendering over your bricks is a beneficial decision for you and your home. You enhance the outside aesthetics of your villa and save some money from the inside as well.

This is primarily due to the involved thermal improvements that are tapped and resolved while rendering your bricks. This inevitably creates an effective sealant so weather elements, rodents, and other smaller critters can’t attack or damage your villa’s interior walls.

What Programs do Architects Use to Render?

Architects use different kinds of architectural rendering software to improve their designs and produce the much-coveted realistic imagery they seek.

Since rendering becomes vital in every project, most architects become proactive in learning how to use the software. Some prefer leaving it to their company’s dedicated rendering team. 

Here is a comprehensive list of the different rendering programs that most architects use. You can do your independent research about them and find out which one will work best for you.

  • Autodesk Revit
  • SketchUp
  • Lumion
  • Cinema 4D
  • Blender
  • Maxwell
  • Viz Render
  • Octane Render
  • Punch Home Design Studio
  • VRAY

Which Render Engine is the Best?

Specific to Blender, Cycles has emerged as the best render engine among its competitors. 

It is an established and reliable renderer. It is particularly exceptional at recreating the complexities of light bouncing around your structure with several elements like the weather and the season seamlessly incorporated.

This software cemented its powerful features when it became a go-to for television and film production. 

What should you expect from Cycles? Here are a few key takeaways: 


  • It has excellent path-tracing
  • Includes PBR shading nodes, volume scattering and absorption, and crypto matter support
  • Has precise subsurface-scattering
  • Has integrated vector displacement with adaptive subdivision
  • Has a multi-GPU rendering support for Nvidia and AMD GPUs
  • Highly maintained and regularly updated


  • Caustics need to be improved
  • No light linking

Is Lumion Good for Interior Rendering?

Lumion is an architect’s favorite when it comes to rendering. It is perfect for interior rendering because of how it brings the concept and ideas of your villa’s interiors to life.

One of the best choices for interior rendering, Lumion can work with every area and corner of your holiday or country home. It can render professionally and highlight the structure’s interiors with a lifelike interaction between light and shadow, tactile textures, and render all possibilities for color and furniture.

You can also use it outdoors. The exterior rendering lumion software enables you to capture every detail of your villa. From the materials you use up to how it will look like against the green pastures or the sea behind, you can rely on Lumion to give you a realistic visual presentation.

How Much does rendering Cost?

As rendering gains popularity, the number of companies offering this kind of service is also gradually increasing, thus rendering costs are decreasing. 

Note that the price you pay dictates the quality of render villas that you get. The tools, experience, and reputation of a rendering company will influence the overall pricing. These, too, will indicate a great deal from a total waste of resources.

Renders are priced per square meter, and the basic 3D architecture rendering has a price range of $450-$600. Most companies and independent architects usually go for a mid-level rendering service that charges a minimum of $650 up to 1800$.

Some businesses and individuals offer high-end rendering. PlusRender provides high-quality, top-notch rendering services at affordable prices that don’t leave a gaping hole in your budget.

After Thoughts

Architectural rendering can make even the pickiest client excited about the villa’s construction, thus encouraging them to be involved and supportive in every step of the project.

It also allows architects to make their clients see their vision of designing a villa like no other. 

Architectural visualization and villa rendering pave the way to a happy collaboration between the architect and the client, creating a villa designing experience as priceless as the completed villa. 

Use Plus Render’s high accuracy, affordable platform and give your clients an experience they will never forget.

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